Indicator Test

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Perhaps the time is just not right, or, maybe you thinking if you don’t have a food intolerance and the results are all negative then you have wasted your money. We might just have the answer for you.

The Indicator Test

The Indicator Test works exactly the same as the other food tests, we send you a test kit in the post, you just have to take a few drops of blood from a finger prick using the kit. You put the sample into the envelope provided and pop it in the post box. Your blood sample will be sent to Cambridge Nutritional Sciences where their laboratory team will carry out the tests and send you the results by email.

The big difference between the Indicator Test and the other tests is that we only tell you if have had a positive reaction or not.

You are not told which foods you are reacting to. You will only get a simple Positive/Negative result to the test as a whole.

To find out which foods you should avoid you will have to upgrade your test to one of the full tests.

When you upgrade to a full test we will send you a code to discount your order by the cost of your indicator test.

Your test result will be sent to you by email, typically within 10 working days of the laboratory receiving your blood sample.

Just click on the image below to see which foods are tested.


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